Limit of Insight to use

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a menu with many buttons, and after adding a lot of Insights, the options to add were disabled for me.

Any thoughts or comments?

By the way, is there a different way to create a menu with 25 different options?


There is a limit of 30 visuals per sheet.

Can you also explain more of the menu you are trying to create?

Could you put this in a table instead of multiple insights?

Something like this?


I’ve gotten rid of headers and the title. Also these calculated fields are hard coded.

Sheet One=‘Sheet One’, etc.

Let me know if that helps.

Hi @Max

Thank you for sharing, and your solution works well. Could you explain to me how to create a link in each object? I tried to use Actions, but it didn’t work.
I would like to open another tab (first moment), but in the future, I would like to exchange one existing visual (same page) to another visual.

Finally, answer your question. I want to create an easy menu for C-Levels. Based on the menu, I would like to exchange something in our Dashboard. It is like a bookmark.

You would need to create multiple actions for each menu option if you want to go to another sheet.

Then you could drill to that sheet in the drop down.

Something to note, is that it might look better if you had just one menu option on the table and then have the actions be the menu essentially.

Something like this. Again I hardcoded the value ‘Menu’ into a calculated field.

You can also add filters / change parameters with this these types of actions to allow you to filter on the same page / change visuals on the same page.

Let me know if this helps.