Map data points with different colors based on filter value

I have a scatter plot, and i have multi select dropdown filter for a parameter.
I need to have different color for different values of filter corresponding data points.

Basically what i want is for the data points corresponding to say ‘High Cost - High Usage’, they get some X color, while the data points corresponding to ‘High Cost - Low Usage’ get some other color, and so on.
Is that possible ?

Also, i tried to directly use my parameter in calculated field to use in Color field of Scatter plot, but getting error while creating that calculate field. So that way doesn’t seem like to help.

Attaching visual as well.

Can somebody please help here ?

Hi @Renuka_Munjal ,
did you try to create a calculated field based on the value and define a color?


How can you define color using calculated field ?

you can create a field where you calculate the color mapping.
ifelse(cost>10,"High Cost - High Usage","Low Cost - Low Usage")
You then could assign a color to each value in the new field.
But not 100% sure it will work.

The problem is , this cost > 10, this cost field is something i am calculating as percentile. So, X and Y axis fields are itself calculated fields.

I created a calculated field “Cost-Usage Category” like you mentioned :

ifelse(PercentileRankCost > 50, ifelse(PercentileRa
nkUsage > 50, 'High Cost - High Usage', 'High Cost - Low Usage'), 
ifelse(PercentileRankUsage > 50, 'Low Cost - High Usage', 'Low Cost - Low Usage'))

But getting this if i do as you suggested :

Can somebody please help here ?

I have an almost identical use case but I’ve been unable to achieve this. You can define a color using a calculated field but when you then use this as the color it will granulate the scatter plot to show only one dot per category rather than your element of choice (looks like “Program” from the screenshot) and aggregate the values. So I think this would need to be a feature request.