Merge Data Sources

We have dozens of “Data Sources” and would like to merge them. Is it possible to move data sets into specific data sources after they’ve already been created?

Yes you can use existing data and join them as you required.

Simply, create new data set and select the dataset you want to join.

I’m talking specifically about data sources not data sets.

Hello @todd.hoffman ,
I am not sure if I have fully understood your question but let me try to add some notes that might be helpful.

  1. You can merge your data sources:
    a. Do it before loading the data (join them at source location)
    b. You can use Athena (if SQL type sources) + DataBrew
    c. Join in QuickSight pre-loading stage.
    Once you have the merge ready, you can create a dataset as output in Quicksight. This dataset can be afterwards used as a “datasource” as well using what is called “Dataset as a source”. This is basically using the created dataset in a new dataset:

Here you can find a better description:

Jose B.

if I understand correctly, you have multiple data sources which are very similar or the same. And you want to merge them and reduce duplicated ones. Then you want to update the datasets pointing to the merged data sources.

You may use API DescribeDataSet to find out which datasource ID is using by your datasets. And you can use ListDataSources API to find out which DataSources you want to use. Finally, using UpdateDataSet API to update the datasource ID of the datasets.

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