Merging archived dataset with the ongoing datsets (union of datasets)?

Repeat Question - Any new updates on this feature? It has been almost a year before I asked for the same???

Hi Team,

I want to merge two datasets to optimize the loading on the archived data again and again(incremental loading is not working effectively) . Like I want to created an archived dataset (static dataset- no loading required) and merge in which ongoing dataset (daily loading) and in the final dataset i want to merge (union of both) to create the respective dashboard.

Let me know if we can do this in any way around. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @adi1994,

Thanks for reaching out on this subject again. Merging dataset is currently not supported natively within QuickSight unless the same datasource is used and custom SQL would be an option, like for Amazon Athena, PostgreSQL, etc.

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To get more help on this subject, please reach out to your AWS account team to discuss your use case and the priority of your request. Thanks!