Missing Invite User button

We have the Quicksight Standard edition and want to invite a user to access the dashboard.

There is no Invite button on the Manage Users page and when I try and add a QUICKSIGHT type user via the CLI

aws quicksight register-user --identity-type QUICKSIGHT --email xxx --user-role AUTHOR --user-name xxx --namespace default --aws-account-id xxx

I get an AccessDeniedException. I can add a person of identity-type IAM

I went as far as adding a profile with all Quicksight permissions to all resources to my user.

What am I missing?


Hi Craig - when you initially sign up for QuickSight you have three options for user management

  • Use Active Directory
  • Use IAM federated identities and QuickSight-managed users
  • Use IAM federated identities only

I suspect the third option was picked. The service team can add the ability to add QS managed users if you open a support ticket in the AWS console. Give them your account number and tell them you want to add the ability to invite local QuickSight users via email to your account. If you arent getting the response from Support you’d like let us know and we can move it along.


Apologies for the delay. Thanks Jesse, I will follow up with the person who set up the account.


Just confirming Jesse had the solution and an AWS case sorted the issue.


Is it possible to change the option to Use IAM federated identities and QuickSight-managed users after signed up?

Yes, as long as you picked * Use IAM federated identities only initially and not * Use Active Directory. Opening an AWS support case they will be able to turn on the QuickSight-managed users (aka email invited users) for you.

How can I tell which user management option was chosen when the QuickSight account was first created? The person who set up the account has left the company.