MoM calculation variations

Hi All,
I’m trying to build a QS dashboard and I’m stuck at calculating the MoM. I’m trying to replicate the dashboard from tableau to QS and I’m just stuck at MoM calculations for last 2 months based on the control. I kinda played around with the table calculations and calculated field but I could not find a way. Can you let me know the best way to do this?
I’m quite new to QS and would really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance


Hi @abreddyk
did you checked


Thanks for the post. I’ve gone through the posts but i haven’t been able to find something for my usecase. I have used table calculations to get the MoM for all the measures in a single column but i don’t know how to remove/hide the previous month column. Is that possible or is there a better way possible?

So you want to show in the table only the “current” month (e.g. Apr 2020) with the quantity and MoM?


If you are using simple periodOverPeriodDifference(sum(quantity),{transaction_date},MONTH,1) you need the Mar 2020 as calculation reference. As soon as you filter (focus on Apr 2020) you will not get a MoM result.

Is that what you want to do?

Yes. I want to achieve the format in the first pic that i shared. I basically want the trailing 4 months from the date the user chooses and the MoM column for last 2 months.
I shared the second pic just to see if there is a way to hide the last month column so that i can put that visual beside the trailing 4 months visual.

I am looking for something like this- 4 trailing months from the reporting date and MoM. Thanks!

If you are not able to hide the column in the same table. Maybe you can work with two tables, one over the other.

I did try that but it doesn’t look good visually. I am looking to find a better approach if not I will work with that.

The MoM in your table is the May value right?

No. It’s the percentage difference of April and March.