MySQL Dataset Failing to Refresh

I have a dataset built from a custom query in a MySQL database. The dataset was refreshing successfully this morning. I updated the query. The dataset now fails, with the code DATA_TOLERANCE_EXCEPTION. I exported the failure rows and every single row had the error on one date field, giving a MALFORMED_DATE error. The field is displaying 12 digit codes (e.g. 1656892800000). The field is queried from a date field in our database, and doesn’t contain any non-dates or null values. If I create a new dataset using the same query, it throws the same error. If I rollback the original dataset to the original query, it still shows the same error. There doesn’t seem to be a workaround to get this dataset or a new dataset working again, even though it was fine this morning. I suspect Quicksight is at fault here if it could run a query just fine this morning and can’t run it again. This is a crucial dataset for our workplace and I’m worried I could be disciplined for this error that seems to be out of my control.

Please look into this.