Nesting a table


Is there a way to nest a table in QuickSight? In other words, can I separate and group data points within a specific column of a table? (in order to group them under different categorizing “umbrellas” or headers)

For example, looking at the “Current Status” column in the QuickSight table below (on the left), its data points are listed and ungrouped. However, in the table from Excel (on the right), those data points are grouped under categories that are not included in the original dataset (the categories that are in blue - namely, “Assessment,” “In-Flight,” “Complete,” and “Termed”).

Is there a way to add (maybe manually) those categories or “umbrellas” to the QuickSight table, and then group the column’s data points by category? Can I replicate the Excel table?

Pivot Table might be the one that can help you out in achieving what you are looking for. Sharing a sample snapshot for your reference.


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HI Rid_Hagos,
You can create those groupings using Calculated Fields, and then use a Pivot Table as suggested above. You then add Subtotals/Totals using the Format Visual options.

Current Status =
ifelse(Status= ‘Not Prioritized’ or Status = ‘Prioritized’, ‘Assessment’,
status = ‘At Risk’ or Status =‘On Hold’ or Status = ‘On Track’, ‘In-Flight’,
status = ‘Complete’, ‘Complete’, ‘Termed’)

Here’s an example using my sample data:
ifelse(Industry= ‘Tech’ or Industry = ‘Retail’, ‘Group A’,
Industry = ‘Finance’ or Industry =‘Healthcare’ or Industry = ‘Manufacturing’, ‘Group B’, ‘Group C’)