Nesting level based error while Joining datasets


Facing the attached error while joined two datasets.
Please suggest how tor resolve this!

Hello @sreyesh - Welcome to the Community! Can you please share sample of the datasets and the joining condition details? That would be helpful for some more insight. Thank you!

Dataset A = created through Oracle DB
Dataset B = created through same Oracle DB and has Dataset A left joined to it using value X

Dataset C = manually uploaded file; on trying to link to Dataset B using value X, this dataset shows the aforeattached error

Here, value X refers to the column which is common across all datasets and is used to join in both circumstances.

Will be good, if you can share your join details ?

Top row table should be a first table and rest of the table most used the “lift join”.


Since Dataset A and Dataset B - both are coming from Oracle DB, you perhaps use a custom SQL to do the join using column X between them and load it into SPICE. Then Leverage the Add Data functionality to upload the file manually and configure it with the aforementioned joined dataset using the Left Join on column X. Can you please show your join configuration?

Join configuration has just 1 clause and is a left join type

1 join clause and is a ‘left’ type