Joining multiple SPICE datasets return partial data

Using the Athena data source, I created three SPICE datasets (a, b, and c). I created a new dataset that joins all SPICE datasets (left joins) as follows:

dataset_a left join dataset_b on date and unique_key
dataset_a left join dataset_c on date and unique_key

The result shows all records from dataset_a and dataset_b and only some from dataset_c.

I verified against Athena using the same datasets and joins, and all records from dataset_c returned as expected.

Joining multiple SPICE datasets is flaky. Anyone running into similar issues, please share your experience or workaround. I greatly appreciated it.

Can you show me your logic of how you are doing this in QuickSight?

I’m not clear on your question about logic. This is just a basic dataset joined. Interestingly, when I create direct query datasets (same Athena queries as in SPICE datasets) and joined them as above, the result showed all matched records.

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Is this issue still present?

I would definitely recommended doing as many joins / sql logic in Athena as possible.

I have not had any issues with joining in quicksight.