Non-default namespaces are valid right?

I’ve noticed in many places in docs it says to use the default namespace.
e.g. the --namespace flag of the register-user cli call says “Currently, you should set this to default.”
Is this just because the docs haven’t been updated to reflect the current state of the namespace feature?

Hi Jon, When you sign up for QuickSight and add users, all of them reside in the default namespace. You can create a new namespace using create-namespace CLI command and then use this namespace to register your user as per your requirement. More information on namespaces can be found in the Namespace Documentation.

@salim so that doc that I linked is incorrect right? It is in fact valid to call register-user via the cli with a non-default namespace flag?

Yes, you can register-user via the CLI with a non-default namespace. If you have not created a namespace other than default, then it needs to be default and that is what the documentation is referring to. We will update the documentation to provide more clarity.

Thanks salim I appreciate the clarification