Numbers crashed during import related to the decimal format of the data source


i try to import a CSV from S3. It contains numbers in Decimal Format de_DE (eg 21.300,30 EUR) It seems Quicksight is not able to handle this. It will result in missing lines and destroyed numbers after the import. It seems that only the english decimal format will be supported( eg 21,300.20 EUR)
Any Idea how i can fix it without changing the input data?


Hi Alex,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m going to check with the team on this to see if they have specific recommendations on how to unblock you here or if we need to take this on as a feature request. I’ll post back with what I find.


It does not look like QuickSight provides an ability for you to specify locale to use for parsing dates and numbers from CSV file.
You can use calculated field expression to convert what it thinks is a string into a number using expression like
parseDecimal(replace(replace({columnName}, “.”, “”), “,”, “.”))