Paginated reports with multiple value parameters


I’m trying to make paginated report version of existing report. It is required that all parameter values are listed in header and I have issue with parameters that may have multiple values since I cannot place them in header.
In parameter selection, I get all parameters except for the multiple ones. Even when I try to type them in ${…} format they don’t appear.
Is there any way to resolve this?

I can add this as a feature request.

Please do. It’s funny that we bought a paginated addon and now we have to change our existing dashboards because paginated version doesn’t support multiple value parameters. Addon is supposed to bring you some additional value, not to take you one step back in development.

Hi @Natasa,
I am the Product Manager responsible for Paginated Reporting. Thank you for your question and feedback, I would like to connect with you to better understand your use case and expectations on how the feature should work.

Let me message you so we can find a mutually convenient time to connect.

Thank you!