Parameter passed is not available

A parameter gets passed in via the URL and it is associated to a control on the sheet. It has been working well till yesterday, the passed in parameter will be available for selection on the drop down control. Starting this morning, i don’t see the parameter available in the drop down. I verified the following as well:

  • No errors in the data set / refresh process.
  • If login as an author and update the parameter default static value, the report gets updated properly.
  • The Webapp passes the token properly to the iFrame.

Is any one aware of anything that has anything changed recently in Quick sight that might impact on how parameters are handled ?

Chandra Moul.

Hello @cmouli , welcome to the Quicksight community!

Can you go into more detail about how the you pass the value from a URL into the parameter? If this is supposed to work on a dashboard that is embedded, has anything else changed i.e you published a new version of the dashboard?

Hi @cmouli. Since we have not received a response from you on this question, we are going to archive the question. If you still need this question answered, please create a new question topic.