Part to total comparison

I want to compare the part to total. Ex: Selling performance (each of the bizunit) vs Total.
Can we use a duo chart to do that? like a line to present the total tend, and the bar chart to present the one biz unit’s performance. The bizunit’s performance can be changed based on the filter, but the line chart will only show the total.

Or can we have differernt filters on the same chart?

Have you looked into PRE_Filter for your total?

And yes you can add one to line chart and have a bar chart underneath.

This is the visual.


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Hi Max,
I am using: percentOfTotal(count(payeeid))
combine with an ifelse caculated field: ifelse({variable_cash_pcnt} < 0.50 OR varcash=0, “a <50%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} >= 0.50 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=0.9999, “b 50-99%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 0.9999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=1.4999, “c 100-149%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 1.4999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=1.9999, “d 150-199%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 1.9999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=2.4999, “e 200-249%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 2.4999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=2.9999, “f 250-299%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 2.9999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=3.4999, “g 300-349%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 3.4999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=3.9999, “h 350-399%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 3.9999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <=4.4999, “i 400-449%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} > 4.4999 and {variable_cash_pcnt} <5.00, “j 450-499%”,
{variable_cash_pcnt} >=5.00,“k 500%”,

I have filters created to filter the data for each of the bizunit.

Thanks for your information about prefilter, I tried to add it to the percentoftotal but it’s not working. Can you please help?

The issue is not resolved yet.

Hi @Cindy ,

We have a sample available on DemoCentral that shows part to total comparison.
The above link will get you into a temporary analysis view to explore the solution.
Therein you can try changing the chart type of Side by Side2 visual to Stacked bar combo chart, moving Total Sales by Segment [LAA] field to Lines field well and enabling Single Y-axis in Format visual options to get a sample similar to what you were looking for.

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Arun Santhosh