Pass action based on one column to another

I have two columns in a table, “DSP” and “DSP-ID”. the DSP-ID is the ID that goes within a link to a salesforce page, ex: https://xxxxxx/‘<<dsp-id>>’/xxx

I am presenting the table with the column “DSP” and another columns, and I want to create an action so that if I click on the DSP I am redirected to that salesforce link based on the DSP-ID, i.e, it has to be dynamic.

Until now I was just able to use the action in the column DSP-ID self, i.e., if I click on a cell from this column I get redirected to the link, but how to get the same function working, but instead of having to click on the DSP-ID, I click on the DSP column?

I tried using parameters, but I cannot get this to work. In the end I dont want to have to show the DSP-ID column. I just want to be able to get redirected to the link of each DSP by clicking on the DSP column. Each link depends on the DSP-ID.

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Hi @Alexandre_Kniepert,
You can create and action for that visualization that references a field in the URL. Example:


An example of this exists in our DemoCentral dashboard (Customer Sentiment Sheet>pivot at the bottom):

You can click the edit button on the left to go to analysis view to see it live.

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yes, I have done that, but it does not work the way I want it to.
I have this table here , with dsp shortcode and SF ID. with the action, I am able to click on the SF ID column and be redirected to the website. but I dont want that. I want to click on the DSP and be redirected to the website. the website is dependent on the SF ID, not the DSP and here is the issue, how can I create an action for the DSP column that redirects me to a website based on the SF ID values? This because I dont want to show the SF id, only the DSP column.

Hi @Alexandre_Kniepert
The same setup you have will continue to work if you hide the ticket field. In your field wells > options for that field>hide. Note that for it to work properly, DSP should have a 1:1 relationship with ticket.

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Hi, thank you
yes, it works by clicking on the values column (#DS-DSP), which is also fine. by clicking on the DSP column nothing happens. Is it possible to make it work by clicking on the DSP column or does it work only with the values column?

I think this may be due to the DSP being higher in the list in the pivot’s rows than SFID and the grouping not allowing the click. Try moving the SFID above DSP in the field wells and try again.



that worked, thank you!

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