Pass Last Execution Date & Project Name as Parameter from one sheet to another using Navigation

For Project Name, I am able to pass the project name and i could filter it on child sheet using navigation. I also want if i am selecting specific Project A with Last Execution Nov 10 2023, 9 PM it should only show me Nov 10 details and not Nov 9, 2023 details.

I am not able to pass single date from last_Execution_date to child sheet. How can i make sure that which ever row i am selecting it should get filter accordingly

Hi @mohit.itsector,

Can you show a screenshot of how you created our navigation action?

Hi @mohit.itsector,

did you tried something like

You can pass multible paramater within a action.


I would like to cancel this ticket as i was able to filter the second dashboard as per my need just by isLastExecutoinDate Filter. For reference of my parent ticket: How to create an icon/ button with hyperlink which when clicked will display a table with particular rows depending on a column

thank you @ErikG @David_Wong for quick response and support