Passing Param to sql query and show relevant values in dropdown

we have database table in which we have following fields.

and we have created custom dataset in quicksight.

Now we have no.of client_id and we are considering each client_id as one outlet.
We have share this dashboard with no.of users.
the users hierarchy is
Role -Zone manager
-Region manager

Zone -East / West /South
Region - T1,T2 for east
W1,W2,W3 for West
S1,S2 for South likewise.

Zone manager has access to all outlet.
region manager has access to all outlet in its region.
dealer has access to all outlet under its dealership.
outlet is individual outlet and has access to its outlet data only.

Now we have to pass clientid parameters to sql query and show data to logged in user only for those clients whos access he is having.
We are passing parameters in url and data is filtering according to our requirements but we have created no.of dropdwons that is not updating according to the passed clientid in url params.

Hello @suraj.nimse - This seems to be a problem of Row Level Security related to hierarchical structure. You can go through the below blog post which describes this scenario. Hope this helps!