PDF Export for dashboard with a table in it exceeding width of the page

Hi if the length of the columns exceed the width of the PDF report can it still be downloaded as a pdf without losing the snapshot of all the columns?

for instance my dashboard contains multiple visuals and it also contains a table which has 20+ columns. The PDF I export only shows what can fit into a pdf page and rest of the columns don’t show up.
any solution to this ?
does Paginated report solve this issue?

I don’t think there is a current work around for your use case.

How would you want it? Like on a second page with the rest of the columns?

Yes on the next page with the rest of the columns is what I was looking for

With paginated reports, you do have the ability to print out in landscape format, and different page sizes (A3 for example gives you a lot of room. I suspect this should give you the flexibility to present all of the data on a single report