PDF Export for dashboard with a table in it exceeding width of the page

Hi if the length of the columns exceed the width of the PDF report can it still be downloaded as a pdf without losing the snapshot of all the columns?

for instance my dashboard contains multiple visuals and it also contains a table which has 20+ columns. The PDF I export only shows what can fit into a pdf page and rest of the columns don’t show up.
any solution to this ?
does Paginated report solve this issue?

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I don’t think there is a current work around for your use case.

How would you want it? Like on a second page with the rest of the columns?

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Yes on the next page with the rest of the columns is what I was looking for

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With paginated reports, you do have the ability to print out in landscape format, and different page sizes (A3 for example gives you a lot of room. I suspect this should give you the flexibility to present all of the data on a single report

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HI @abacon
it really isn’t a solution to be honest as there is no built in functionality for it.

I think it’s a solution quicksight team could work on.
I do have a suggestion for this.

Instead of separate pdf and excel export quicksight could look into adding a functionality where we can download the entire dashboard into excel format.

Like the visuals at the top
and the table with multiple columns below that

Currently horizontal pagination is not supported, couple of workarounds is to :

  • Make use of the layout option to use a higher width to render. That will make the pdf effectively more dense and afford space for more columns.
  • Resize columns to fit more
  • Use a smaller font size for the table.

Having said that, I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker.