Persist updates to tabular data in dashboard

Do we have the flexibility in quicksight where users can update tabular data in a dashboard and we can persist the updates in a file (probably S3)? I have tried searching in the documentation, but couldn’t find such feature. Can you please let me know if there is such a feature or any alternatives to solve similar use case?

There is no native way to update data in S3 from QuickSight.

You might be able to implement your own webpage that allows people to edit data in S3 and embed it within QuickSight by using “Custom visual content”.
Alternatively, you can try using something like Google Sheets which can be embedded within QuickSight and allows people to edit the data.

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I’m doing something similar to this as well. Users can’t update the data directly in the dashboard but I created a table that has a blank “forecast” column. Users then have the ability in QS to export the table to a csv, open that csv in excel, and add in their forecasts there. Then on our webpage where the dashboard is embedded they can upload the edited csv and it dumps it into an S3 bucket. From there we use glue + athena to query the submitted files and join them back onto the dataset being used by the dashboard. The dataset is set to refresh overnight so new forecasts will be updated then. The next day if the user goes back to the table in the dashboard they can see the forecast they entered for that row. Kind of a long process but it does the job.

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