Preventing quicksight display if results contain less than a certain threshold

Hi team,

I am trying to display a plot in such a fashion that it should restrict me from clicking if the count is less than a threshold. How can we do this in quick sight?
The snapshot of the data is
score,channel,Purpose,fs Score,Cap,liability,Status,C_Age_Bnd,C_State,C_Emp_Type,C_Inc_Band
75,Direct,DC,e. 700 - 749,c. 10 - 29,f. 25% - 29.99%,1,c. 45 - 54 years old,QLD,F,“a. Less than $2,999 per month”
55,Online,HI,e. 700 - 749,o. 3000 - 3999,d. 15% - 19.99%,1,b. 35 - 44 years old,VIC,F,“g. $8,000 - $8,999 per month”
75,Online,HI,f. 750 - 799,i. 1000 - 1249,g. 30% - 34.99%,1,e. 65 years or older,VIC,F,“d. $5,000 - $5,999 per month”
65,Broker,CP,e. 700 - 749,h. 700 - 999,f. 25% - 29.99%,1,d. 55 - 64 years old,NSW,F,“b. $3,000 - $3,999 per month”

There are different plots in the dashboard, one for the score, income, age band, etc. There are actions set up which will be triggered when any element of the plot is clicked and all plots change accordingly.
Now, for eg:, the graph I plotted is

In this, all bars are clickable now and when clicked other plots in the analysis change. Now I want to restrict that the user can only click when the number of individuals is more than 30. So b,h in the plot cannot be clicked but c-g can be clicked.
I tried using conditional rules but this is not related to parameters or controls associated with it. Any help in doing these click-throughs above a certain limit will be highly appreciated. Thank you


@Ujwal if you have set up a filter action on a visual, you will not be able to conditionally enable/disable it for certain data points on the visual. Since you are able to pass a parameter on the url and parameters can be used in calculated functions or filters are you able to organize the relationships between the three to achieve close to your desired output i.e click can’t be prevented but when clicked - there isn’t an impact on the other dependent visuals?

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