Previous Year Total values (at Quarterly Level) in Quicksight

Hi Team, in the attached screenshot, I’ve Units (CY), Total Units (CY) and Units (PY). I want to create a calculated field for Total Units (PY) (having a value of 334.1M against each record as per attached screenshot). I tried creating the same but not getting the right values. Can you please help me with this? Below is how my calculated fields look like:

  • Total Units (CY) : sum(Units,[{Reporting Date},{Reporting Grain},Marketplace])
  • Units (PY) : periodOverPeriodLastValue(sum(Units), {Reporting Date}, YEAR, 1)

Do you need to do this to your py as well?

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@Max I already tried it. It shows attached error.

can you try using a sumOver with a pre_agg?

sumOver(Units,[{Reporting Date},{Reporting Grain},Marketplace],PRE_AGG)

@Max I tried but not getting the required result/value. It’s giving me Negative values. Screenshot attached. Please help.

What is your exact calculation now?

@Max see attached screenshot.

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That’s your calculation for Total Units (Previous Year)? You must have negative units.

@Max Yes, I created this calculation based on the formula you mentioned above but my ask is different. I want to create a calculated field under Total Units (PY) having a value of 334.1M against each record as per attached screenshot, the way I’ve 471.9M under Total Units (CY) against each record.

@chabbils I assume you want to calculate total units for the same quarter last year in the pivot table .

Please use the below expression to calculate it , ensure to keep the same level for the current year & previous year measure .

periodOverPeriodLastValue(sumover(sum({Units}),[{Reporting Date}]),{Reporting Date},QUARTER,4)

I have tried in a sample dataset and it works . Please see screenshot


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Thanks @apjvinod , i was able to implement it.