Publishing dashboard while dataset is being refreshed

I noticed recently that I can’t publish my dashboard while its underlying dataset is being refreshed. Was this a recent change or has it always been this way? I’m guessing it’s not possible to publish using the latest version of the dataset.

Dataset Refresh

This is causing an issue in big dashboards that use many datasets. Our datasets are scheduled to refresh hourly and we stagger the start time so that they don’t all happen concurrently. However, because we have so many datasets, it’s difficult for us to find a time window where there isn’t any refresh happening.

Other than dividing the dashboard into multiple smaller dashboards with fewer datasets, I’m wondering if there are any other best practices we can follow.

We haven’t tried incremental refresh of our SPICE datasets that take more than an hour to run, we should. Have you tried incremental refresh of your SPICE datasets? I realize that some datasets are not designed for incremental refresh, most of ours are not, but one or two of our smaller one could be refreshed incrementally.

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I think it would be very useful to have a “Cancel Refresh” button on the UI. If an author cannot publish a dashboard because there are underlying datasets being refreshed, they can use it to cancel the ongoing refresh. After the dashboard is published, the datasets can follow the regular refresh schedule. I am aware that the API has a CancelIngestion operation but not all authors know how to use the API.

Hello, QuickSight has recently enabled a feature called dataset versioning. This helps to customer avoid breaking dashboard while editing or refreshing datasets. Until new refresh finishes, dashboard would still use most recent succeeded version of dataset (stable version).

One of design choice we made is to disable publishing dashboard while an EDIT REFRESH is in progress, so that customers won’t break dashboard in case EDIT REFRESH fails (remember EDIT REFRESH can potentially change the data structure, so new dashboard cannot always use old version of dataset). But the implementation of this feature introduced a bug that blocks publish dashboard when any type of ingestion is on going. We have already had a fix and in progress to deploy. It would take about 10 days to deploy to all regions.

At the same time, customers can contact us to disable the feature at account level, so we can revert to old behavior of the system for datasets for specific accounts.

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Yes, we actually have a backlog to add a button in UI to cancel ingestion.