Problem Published Dashboard (coz: used dataset is being refreshed)

Hi, I got a problem recently, I cannot re-publish my analyst to a dashboard because the related (used) dataset in that analyst is being refreshed. So I have to wait the dataset is completed to refresh.
Here the example message:
> Some datasets are being refreshed

> Below datasets are being refreshed, please wait until the data importing finishes.
> *
> * SPICE Sal
> * SPICE Ach***********

so, the question is “How to disable this feature?” or and alternatives way that i can republish my dashboard immediately, because in my case i, my dataset have schedule refresh hourly and takes time around 50 mins

Do you mean disabling the ability to refresh the dataset? Or just changing the dataset refresh schedule? You can find information on refreshing datasets here: Refreshing SPICE data - Amazon QuickSight


I mean i can re-publish a dashboard while even dataset is being refreshed


Linking another post on the same area: Publishing dashboard while dataset is being refreshed. We can continue the conversation there to keep answers in one place