Q search bar for public dashboards

Hello, I have a public QuickSight dashboard which anyone on the internet can access via the public URL generated by QuickSight(note that I am not embedding the dashboard anywhere and its just a link that I share), but I want to add the Q search bar for this public dashboard. I already have a topic enabled and I can see a search bar when I open the dashboard from my account. However, when someone on the internet opens the dashboard via provided link they do not see the Q bar.
Is this even possible to do? if yes, how to do it?

Hello pp,

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You would need to share the topics to the user so that user can access it and use.
for more info - Sharing Amazon QuickSight Q topics - Amazon QuickSight
Point to keep in mind

  1. You mentioned its not embedded and access to public - to whom will you share ? i guess you can only share to users and groups within the QS account
  2. Quick sight Q cost additional 250/m base fee- Check pricing , i assume you are using capacity pricing if not revisit licensing part - for more info -Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services
  1. With Embedding you can use QuickSight Q for anonymous users.
    for more info -Embedding the Amazon QuickSight Q search bar - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this gives some insight.

Hi Deep, thank you for the response.
Does this mean that I cannot share a public access to Q topic and the only way to do it is embed the dashboard along with Q search bar onto a website or portal?

Hello pp,

Yes as far as i understand you need to use Embedding for anonymous (unregistered) users.
From console you can only share the topics to registered users.

Hope this helps.