Q Topic Visual Link

Trying to link a Q topic to an existing visual but get ‘invalid syntax’ error. Any guides or tips on acceptable syntax for calculated fields referenced by visuals linked to a Q-Topic?

Hi @mcdjose,
Can you elaborate where you are receiving that message? Linking a visual is done via the Q interface when an answer has been produced. Please see the following documentation.

ask question in Q bar to topic I own → select link visual at bottom of result screen → select dashboard → select visual → ‘invalid syntax’ error or ‘One or more columns are missing from the dataset.’ when datasets are the same. I moved all calculated fields in dataset from dashboard to source table so there would be no matching error and get the same responses.

@mcdjose Hi there, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve forwarded along to our engineering team to see what’s going on. I’ll follow up once we have a concrete answer for you. Thanks for your patience.