Quick sight analysis

Hello all ,

it is possible to create an analysis directly from the dashboard ?

Hi @claudiu_voica - Welcome to the Quicksight Community!

Yes you can create an analysis directly from the Dashboard too. Please find the below snippet.

Open Dashboard → Click “Save as” option

i don’t have the option save as

this is all i have

Okay - So, I think the dashboard is just shared with you with viewer permissions.
In that case, you will not have save-as option.

You can ask the owner of the dashboard to enable “save-as” option by following the below steps

Step 1 - Click Share dashboard option - You will be directed to Share Dashboard screen

Step 2 - Enable the save-as option here

Once the owner gives you this permission, you should be able to save it!

Please let me know if that worked!

unfortunately i only have this view

Yes you will have only this view because you are just a viewer to this dashboard.

But please ask the owner of the dashboard to follow this steps and give you “save-as” access! or to share the dataset with you!

ok,thank you very much !

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Hi @shravya ,

if that option “save as” is enabled for a viewer ,the viewer has the possibility to modify the dataset from the original dashboard ?

Hello @claudiu_voica -

When you are a viewer you cannot edit/modify the dataset, unless you are a owner or a co-owner. You can just use the dataset and create a new dashboard (you cannot override the original dashboard too).

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Thank you ,very much

just one last question ,can you please indicate me a video on how to create an analysis directly from the dashboard ?

Sure - I hope this video helps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNQBBM5RQtc (0:56 seconds)

Also, the snippets which I have pasted begining should help too!

Thank you!

you are an angel ,thank you !!!

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