Quicksight Calulated field dynamic filtering

Hi all,

I am currently struggling with trying to have a dynamically change calculated field. It currently is returning an average relevance score so the the calculated field is defined as:

In our dashboard we are filtering by these values for eg filtering for AIML or ARVR and so on so we would like the calculated field to find the average of the relevance scores for the filters selected. For e.g. if I selected AIML and ARVR the relevance score calculation should be (the score of AIML+the score of ARVR)/(2 which is the number of categories selected within the filter)

Would appreciate if anyone has an ideas!

Thank you!

Hello @ramcnav , welcome to the Quicksight community!

I believe for this functionality to work, it would need to be some kind of wild nested ifelse statement. You have 26 values you want to add the averages of unless you filter down.

This would require checking for parameter values set to determine which values are being added and how many are being used to know what to divide by.

My best guess is creating a parameter that would be set by a calculated field that would need to check when filtered items are added or removed and count them - ifelse(AIML Param = true, 1, 0) - something like that for every single options that can change and nesting it with all of the possibilities then using the sum of the calculated field to determine the number the calculated field needs to be divided by.

Let me know if this helps!