Quicksight doesn't show the filtered results on a quicksight dashboard when the browser is refreshed

Steps I am taking

  1. The dashboard loads all records with no filters set
  2. Once I set a filter to a value then the data refreshes as expected
  3. If i then refresh my browser window with the same filter set, i get the “No Data” message
  4. I then have to reset the entire report and reselect the filter

This doesn’t seem to persist on the analysis but only on the dashboard. so I re-published the analysis and it seems to have fixed it for now. but I’m concerned whether this would be a temporary fix and whether is this a known bug. I would appreciate any insight on this issue.

Hello @TharindraParanagama , welcome to the Quicksight community!

I would recommend using the bookmark feature in publish dashboards so that you can return to a specific view.

Hello @TharindraParanagama !

Were you able to try the suggestion I made above?

Did this solution work for you? I am marking this reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community!

@duncan @Xclipse Thanks for the response. This works.