QuickSight in Hebrew

My customer requested for QuickSight dashboard in Hebrew language. I encountered a few challenges while creating a dashboard in Hebrew:

  • Filters/parameter’s controls doesn’t enable headers from right to left (like it should be in Hebrew)
  • values of filters/controls order by an automatic alphabetic order which isn’t appropriate to the right order in many times. for example: I created conrol of parameters which represent Periods. the menu which suggest the user the values option, orderes those value in hebrew analphabetic order, and it’s look like that: ‘Month’, ‘half of hour’, ‘Day’, ‘Quater’, ‘week’, ‘year’, ‘hour’. thats because this way the values order by hebrew-alphabetic way, but this order is clearly unsenseable for periodic order.
    Are there solutions for those challenges?
    thank you

Hello @Noys !

As of right now I don’t believe this is supported. I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.

For the date field formatting have you tried the steps laid out in the To manually change a date field’s format section of this: