Quicksight SPICE incremental Refresh issue

Hi , How can I stop a SPICE dataset refresh ? Basically, my dataset is scheduled to refresh every hour, and I can see the numbers in the dashboard were updated , but still dataset is showing as refreshing.
I tried editing the dataset and saving again, it is killing the previous refresh , but same issue for this new refresh.
While this is happening, I am not able to publish anything new in the dashboard. Have anyone done something for this ? Thanks in Advance

Hi @Manohar1
Can you try to remove the refresh schedule from the dataset, make a change, save, then add your refresh schedule back to the dataset?


Thanks @bergqdou . The details are useful. When we want to kill a refresh process of SPICE, how we can do it. I believe refresh is happening. Is there anyway we can cancel the refresh. Please advise.

Regards - San

Hi @Manohar1 , @Sanjeeb2022 ,

Currently, you can cancel an active ingestion via API/CLI only.
Use list-ingestion to get the ingestion id of the currently active ingestion
and cancel-ingestion to cancel it.

We do have a PFR in queue requesting for capability to cancel refreshes from UI.
If this is of interest, please have your AWS Account manager/Solution architect file a customer influence against this PFR - Internal Link
In case you don’t have a dedicated AWS contact, message me (Click my user name above to get the option) your org details and I will submit the customer influence entry on your behalf.

Marking this as solution to your question.

Arun Santhosh

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