QuickSight Table Columns are automatically resizing

I have a report with several pivot tables that display metrics for the trailing 3 weeks. Each week, the data from the week prior gets added to the table. Everytime a new week is added, the new column width is huge. For example, if at the end of week 14, the table shows columns for week 10, week 11, week 12, and week 13. All of those columns are sized to fit within the space available for that visual. The following Monday, week 10 falls off and week 14 data becomes available. The new column is much wider than the others, causing a slide bar to appear at the bottom of the table. The user now has to scroll to see all the data.

This also occurs on the formatted report template I have built, which generates a pdf that is directly sent to my stakeholders. As a result, the output has a slide bar and sometimes not all the data is visible. This means I have to go in and manually resize all the table columns each week before the report is generated.

The business use case necessitates this formatting. I don’t have the option of leaving a bigger space for these tables to accommodate the default column size. Is there a way to set the table to fit within the width and height of the table bounding box?


Not currently. There is a feature request out for it, but I will mark it as a feature request again.