Quicksight visuals

Hi , I am creating a horizontal chart in Quicksight and the y axis legends are not showing up the text is cutting, is there a way i can adjust the Y axis labels length or wrap it so that the answer key is visible?
Is this something doable in Quicksight? if not then any suggestions on what visualization should i use so that i can see the labels?

Hi, axis line for y-axis can be adjusted horizontally to increase or decrease the space of y-axis label. Place the mouse cursor on y-axis line and drag to right to increase label spacing. Also, you can use Y-axis format visual properties to adjust the label size

I am talking about the characters limitation in the legends. If I have a legend for two lines then it is not possible for that legend to be visible in the chart unless i increase the dimensions of the visualization, so is there a word limitation is what i am trying to understand.

Can you please share a screenshot of this requirement.

thanks but i got my answer from the office hours