Quicksignt Customized Narratives

Hi All,

I have following requirement for insights in quicksight.

  1. I have a scenario where if a metric is less than 100 and greater than 0 then its efficient, display the category and the value of metric. If its negative it should still show as inefficient
    How do we use rank computation to apply the conditional formatting?

  2. For same Rank computation can we use hasdata function or something similar to ignore null values.

Hello @Anjali1, welcome to the QuickSight Community! In regards to your first scenario, what is your expected output that you want to see in the insight? Are you wanting it to display all of the metrics and say whether it is efficient or inefficient? If that is the case, displaying these values in a table would likely be the better option because you could format each option based on which level of efficiency it is linked to.

As for the rank function, I would say you could try filtering the visual that includes the rank calculation to exclude nulls from the field you are ranking. That should resolve your 2nd problem.

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