Refresh and URL Actions for embedded dashboards

We are currently embedding dashboards in our application. From table visualizations, as one example, users need to be able to open a particular row of data, which opens a form within our app. The user may edit the data for this record, save, and then want to return to the dashboard. The user expects to see the updated data in the table visualization without the entire dashboard having to be rebuilt/refreshed.

We need the ability to refresh the dashboard and/or individual visualizations, through an API. The refresh should only refresh the data in the visualization. It should not have to rebuild the whole dashboard. This preserves the context for the user in case they are scrolled down in the middle of the dashboard somewhere.

When opening the form or navigating to any other URL through an action, it is desired to open this within the same app (not a new/separate browser window). This could be solved by allowing developers to execute/respond with their own javascript code when clicking on these URL actions in visualizations.


@CoreyLeichty thank you for the note. Can you email me at, and we can dive deep into your use case. Thank you!

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Hi, @CoreyLeichty. Did @KareemAWS_QSā€™s solution work for you? I am marking his reply as, ā€œSolution,ā€ but let us know if this is not resolved. If this has been resolved, please add a post to this thread explaining the solution to help out other Community members that may have a similar issue.

Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

There was no solution but I gave Kareem a demo of the scenario and he understands the feature request.

Clients I am coaching that use the Six Disciplines ( embedded Quicksite struggle with this issue where they want to use the dashboard as a status reporting tool in a stand-up meeting and want quick updates to info on their dashboard.