Relative date picker in combination with datetime parameters


I think the relative date picker when using a datetime filter is great. However, I have a dashboard that needs to use datetime parameters in the dataset to limit the rows returned, and have them mapped to controls in my analysis (I’m using a start date and end date as two separate controls/parameters).

As far as I am aware there is no way to have a relative date picker (last 30 days, last week, last year etc) used in conjunction with a start date and end date parameter in a dataset? e.g if I select last 30 days, my start date parameter is set as 30 days ago, and my end date as today. If there is no way to implement this I’d like to request it as a feature.


Hi @Liam.

You can map a dataset parameter to an analysis parameter, here is the documentation you can reference on this.

@Liam I agree that it is pity that the relative date picker is much less flexible when it comes to working with parameters. The one thing that is possible in the filter section is setting the dates relative to a parameter. This gets you an end date that depends on a parameter. If the report is set to last 30 days, then the report show the last 30 days relative to the date parameter.

@Bhasi_Mehta I have a query that is somehow related (at least I see it belonging under the same heading). I have a dashboard with multiple sheets that all have a relative date picker. When I change the dates on the first tab, is it possible to carry this date selection across to the next sheet?
The behaviour that I see is that every sheet opens again with the default date selection.
The only way that I found to make this work is setting up two separate date pickers (one for start, one for end date) that are linked to date parameters. But obviously two individual date pickers are far less elegant than the beautiful date picker features you have designed.

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