Renaming a field in a parent dataset breaks the child dataset

This isn’t really a question but more like feedback for the QS team.

I found that renaming a field in a parent dataset breaks any child dataset that contains that field. Here’s a simple test to illustrate the issue:

  1. I have 2 parent datasets in SPICE - Parent Dataset 1 and Parent Dataset 2.

  1. I have a child dataset that joins the 2 parents.

  1. I rename “Organization” to “Organization Name” in Parent Dataset 2.

  1. The next refresh of the child dataset fails because of the renamed field.

For the refresh to work again, I have to open the child dataset and click on “Save and Publish”. This can be a big hassle when the same parent dataset is used in many child datasets. Isn’t the name in QuickSight just an alias? I feel like if the underlying database column is still the same, changing the alias shouldn’t affect the dataset.

@David_Wong : Glad you have highlighted this issue. We observed the same issue as well and looking forward a quick fix on this so that any change in child data set should have cascade effect to parents.

Regards - San

Have you noticed that sometimes the renamed field also gets excluded from the child dataset? Before I save the child dataset again, I have to find the renamed field from the list of excluded fields and include it again. I have to do some more testing to see when it gets excluded and when it doesn’t but that has been my experience.

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@David_Wong : Good point, hopefully it will be fixed in down the line.

Regards - San

@Max - Need your advise on this please.

Regards - San

@SeanBoon @emilyzhu for visibility.

passing it to @Gil_Raviv