Retention Policy Implementation in CUDOS Dashboard

We have imported the CUDOS Dashboard from wellarchitectlabs, is there a way to implement retention policies?

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It would be a really timesaver!


@milandangol, can you expand bit more on your ask for retention policies and what you want to do with it.


HI @DeepakS ,

I am new to QuickSight, so my understanding is that.
the data is being generated from CUR that is stored in Glue database and later the data is being queried by Athena and later on shown by QuickSight. As per months and days goes by i just want to keep data of 1 year or 2 year so that i dont keep huge amount of data.

i hope this helps, Sorry for any miss communication.


Hi @milandangol, as part of CID deployment, CUR data is stored in S3 bucket in your account, please see the reference architecture and feel free to inspect rest of the workshop.
Hope this answers your questions.