Row Level Security Issue


I’ve an excel with analyst wise quality scores. I created a QuickSight dashboard using the excel as a dataset.

However, I would like to limit the data by row level security. Hence, I created another dataset with analyst names (matching with the excel dataset) along with UserName column which consists of user ids of the individuals who can access.

Once the Row Level Security is enabled, I am unable to see the data as the analysis states “No Data Found” even though my login is mentioned in the row level security dataset.

Please help me on this issue as its a blocker for next steps.

Does your UserName column match the users’ username in QuickSight? If you go to the Manage Users page, you’ll see the usernames in the first column.

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Good point @David_Wong . Also in your RLS data what are the other information are available apart from UserName or are you filtering on the basis of UserName. Usually you should have another column in the RLS data which will join with your data set and filter the data. Also UserName( maintain the case sensitive).

Please see the below document which will provide insights on RLS.

Regards - San

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