Scheduled Email notification after dataset refresh

How to I setup scheduled email trigger when all of my datasets( in a dashboard) are refreshed on the defined frequency?

Hi @abkkumar - I believe there is NO out of the box feature available in QuickSight which can tell you when all your data sets refresh will get complete.

As per the feature when the data set refresh fail, an email can be triggered.

To your use case, how you are refreshing your data sets ( in a particular schedule) or via boto3 api? If you are scheduling via a particular schedule, possible you can develop a custom code which will check the status of the data set refresh and can trigger a sns topic for sending the intimation in case of success for all data set refresh. It will be a pure custom solution i believe.

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@Max @David_Wong any feedback from you guys.

Regards - San

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@Sanjeeb2022 Thanks for your response. I am scheduling refresh via the QS Out of the box refresh feature and using amazonbi(internal) account

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Hi @abkkumar - There is no out of the box solution exists to notify when the data set refresh is completed successfully. This can be added a feature request.

Tagging @Max @Karthik_Tharmarajan for their feedback.

Hi @Kristin - just fyi.

Regards - Sanjeeb