Sharing a dashboard with readers from the same account

Is it possible to share a dashboard with only certain readers from the UI?
I noticed that I only have the options to enable for everyone in this account.
Thank you!

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Hello Rusu,

Yes definitely, What kind of Role or access do you have ? you may check with your Admin as well if its not the case with you.

Use the following procedure to see which users or groups have access to the dashboard.

  1. Open the published dashboard and choose Share at upper right. Then choose Share dashboard.
  2. In the Share dashboard page that opens, under Manage permissions, review the users and groups, and their roles and settings.You can search to locate a specific user or group by entering their name or any part of their name in the search box at upper right. Searching is case-sensitive, and wildcards aren’t supported. Delete the search term to return the view to all users.

for more info see - Sharing Amazon QuickSight dashboards - Amazon QuickSight

hope this helps.


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Hi @rusu2k - Yes you can share the dashboard to readers as well, the idea of readers is just have the read access and they can view the dashboard. @Deep - thank you for a detailed step on this.

Regards - Sanjeeb