Sharing dashboard with everyone not showing up

Hey team,

I have created a dashboard which would be used with various people in the org.
However I cant find the button to share it everyone unless i add them individually.
And then my RLS would work based on user logins.

I would like to share it account holders. Let me how to do this. I posted a snip of what i can see when i click share button

Hi @karvsha
As far as I know there is no such button.
You could add all user to a group and share the dashboard with the group.

Hi @karvsha,
If available, you should be able to see the switch on the lower left side of the “Share dashboard” screen:

Do you know whether Active Directory is the identity provider that has been chosen when your account has been subscribed to Amazon QuickSight?

As per the Granting everyone in your Amazon QuickSight account access to a dashboard documentation:

Accounts that sign in with an Active Directory can’t access the Everyone in this account switch. Accounts that use Active Directory can enable this setting with an UpdateDashboardPermissions API call. For more information on UpdateDashboardPermissions, see UpdateDashboardPermissions in the Amazon QuickSight API Reference.

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Thank you, but i dont it was allowed for me