Sheets with custom icons

we are looking to customize the sheets with an indicator based on the data calculations present in that sheet so that it gives users a hint to go that view directly? I don’t see a way currently in quicksight and appreciate any input there.

Hi @Sunil_Pasupuleti

Two options I could think of.

  1. On the first sheet (Landing Sheet) , create a pivot table visual with required data calculations and do the conditional formatting with ICON to highlight the metric which needs user attention . And enable the Navigation Action to desired Sheet . You might need to use free-form layout to overlay multiple visuals to have good visual experience. Please refer to the democentral sample dashboard with Navigation action enabled .

  2. Second option i could think of is to create a parameter for each of the sheet and define a dynamic default parameter values . And populate the dataset with the relevant sheet names after doing the required calculation . We cannot dynamically change the icon instead prefix the sheet name with any sign like ‘!!!’ / ‘ATTENTION’