Show relevant values only in parameter control isn't working when used in filters

Hey All,

I have 2 multi select parameters - Prop and Page with cascading applied on the page parameter, such that page shows relevant values as per the values selected in the Prop parameter.

The cascading seems to be working fine…When selecting certain prop, then only relevant page is being selected in the page parameter (As seen below)


Moving further to using these parameter in the filters:
The below visual has certain metric aggregated at page level with a custom filter on the page column, only taking values equal to the page parameter.

Irrespective of the page parameter taking only the relevant values(in this case, a total of 5 pages only) the table is showing data for all the pages.

Could someone please help me understand, where am I going wrong???

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ummehaani, thanks for the question, this is a known request that we are working on the fix. Essentially the current behavior is, when you have “select all” selected, it is treated as turnig off the filter. It makes sense if both controls are applied, but if you just apply the “page” control on your visual, then it is not giving the right result.
We will fix the problem, before that, you can deselect the “select all” , it should give you the intended filter results.

Hey @emilyzhu ,
It seems like, this problem is not fixed yet.
Could you please give me a rough idea about when will it be fixed.


Hi @Ummehaani, we didn’t get bandwith to work on this issue, will try to prioritize by the end of the year, but optimistically it would be fixed by Q1 next year. Thank you for the patience.

Thankyou for the quick response @emilyzhu .
It would be great, if you could help me with a temporary workaround to achieve a similar result other than deselecting the select all option and manually adding the relevant values.

As there are instances where, the relevant value has huge no. of records and selecting one at a time isn’t feasible and is harming the dynamicity of the dashboard.

Hoping a fix on this issue soon.

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