Spice Data refresh

Are there any workarounds to refresh SPICE data more frequently than hourly. Would direct query be more suitable for such cases.

Hi Pradeep-Misra, you can always use Direct Query if you are using a SQL-based source underneath (example - Redshift) - where QuickSight will issue a query directly to your underlying database and the performance of your dashboards will depend on the performance of the database.

While using SPICE, specifically made for QuickSight, you can benefit from faster performance. We are working on releasing Incremental Refresh to refresh every 15 mins (instead of 1 hour) to be released soon.

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Awesome !! Thanks Shailesh.

Hi Pradeep-Misra,

This feature has been released. See details here: Refreshing Data - Amazon QuickSight

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Thank You. Very helpful feature.

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