Time Zone - Currente_Date

I am trying to calculate using CURRENT_DATE or other function but I am not getting the result.

Today I use the server from Portugal, but because of the time zone I am having trouble updating the analysis after 21 BR does not return information, does anyone know how I can use the function to calculate and remove the 3 hours more than Portugal PT is in front of me?

Remembering that I am resorting to this type of function, because I do not have adm access to the QuickSight database

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You can use the now() function in quicksight.

Then you can use the addDateTime.

timezone = addDateTime(-3,“HH”,now())

Hi @Robson. We are now supporting custom time zone as an out-of-box feature for QS. Please try and let us know if any feedbacks. Thanks! QuickSight launches Custom Time Zone

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