Toggle for showing values

Hello everyone,
I got a question regarding the data labels for a visual. In my dashboard, I have the use-case of visuals that should show the data labels - but not all the time. I am thinking about something like a toggle, as visible in the settings of the visual, to leave it up to the user of the dashboard to turn on and off the data labels. Anyone knows, if this is possible somehow? I couldn’t find an option for it, neither in the format of the visual nor somewhere else in QuickSight. The screenshot below shows the data label toggle from the properties of the visual.
Thanks for support

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 11.48.07

Hi @patrick_schuster and welcome to the QuickSight community!
While I do not believe this is possible, I agree that this would be a great addition so I’ll mark as a feature request for visibility to the QuickSight team!

One workaround for this that may work for you though; if you free-form layout, you can setup Rules that allow you to hide visuals. So you could create a visual with and without the data labels, then use rules to give the option of toggling between them.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if this workaround can be applied to your case!

Heyy Brett,

thank you very much for your fast reply and for the idea of the workaround. I will see if this could be applicable for my case. Thank you also for adding my topic as a feature request.