Unable to access workgroup


I’m trying to create dataset with Athena as a data source and getting error saying " Unable to retrieve Athena workgroups. Wait a few moments and click here to try again."

Can anyone please help me with this.

Many thanks in advance.

Thank you for contacting us. I have raised a trouble ticket for the team to debug this issue. We will be contacting you soon for additional questions.

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Hi team, can you please share any update on this? Getting similar issue when I try to create a dataset using Athena

This is the response I received on the ticket. Please let me know if this is helpful.

"The customer needs to grant QuickSight permissions to list their Athena workgroups.

To do so, go to Admin console → Security & permissions → QuickSight access to AWS services → Manage. The customer can then configure permissions for Amazon Athena"