Unable to find option to change base maps


I am unable to find the base map option in point maps. I was referring to these 2 reference links.
Link 1, Link2

Can you guide what I could be missing here?


Hi @prantika_sinha,

what region are you using?

But it should be here:


I am using US-East-1 region, but unable to find this option still.

Hi there, any update on this? The option is missing for me too in ca-central-1 region. Makes map visuals with a dark theme look awful.


Hello @prantika_sinha, is the base map option still not appearing for you? Since you are in a QuickSight supported region, I am wondering if there is an issue with your geolocation field hierarchies in your dataset.

If you go into your edit dataset pane, you can click the 3 dots next to one of your location fields and select add to Hierarchy. This will allow you to confirm that those are set up correctly and that should resolve the issue on your end. I will include a screenshot below so you can see where that button is:

I will mark this as the solution for now, but if you have any follow-up questions about setting up those hierarchies, please let me know.

As for @SamDesmondKing, I will make sure I tag this as a feature request since it is currently not available in your region. That will ensure that your request is seen by our Support Team. Thank you for your feedback!

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