Update Dashboard created through CDK

I have a QuickSight dashboard created through CDK. I have the following permissions for it
and checked in quicksight that I am a co-owner of the dashboard. When I update the analysis the dashboard is created from and go to share->publish dashboard->update an existing dashboard, I cannot choose that dashboard as an option (but I can choose a different dashboard). Is this possible?

If I am not mistaken, when creating a dashboard via CDK it only allows you to use a template as the sourceEntity, whereas if you publish a dashboard, then the sourceEntity would be the analysis itself. Try using the analysis arn (instead of a template arn) when creating the dashboard but not sure that will work actually.

If an analysis created in QuickSight console and dashboard is published. When you update the analysis and want to republish, it will show you the same dashboard name ( is linked ).

For CDK, only possible through templates : If the dashboard is deployed through a source template , the underlying analysis does not have a link to the dashboard. So it is not possible to choose that dashboard.